For Members / Card Holders : Swipe & Get easy CEL point
Step 1: Present your CEL Card before the merchant records your purchases.
Step 2: Pay for your purchases.
Step 3: Let the cashier swipe your CEL Card and your Points will be recorded automatically into our loyalty system.
That's all & It's as simple as 1-2-3!

NO joining fee or annual fee!

CEL Card membership is FREE!

The next time you pay for your purchases by cash or credit card at any City Explorer's Merchants, you accumulate CEL Points to redeem fabulous premium gifts.

  • Log on to to apply online.
  • Just call Customer Service Call Center: 06-761 8792 and give us the names and details of your family members.

How to be a merchant

City Explorer strives to build a strong Member-Merchant relationship by providing your company with the Loyalty systems and management tools to operate a cost effectively with novel marketing initiatives. We treat our clients like team members and aims to become your technology solution and marketing platform partner.

Our Merchant's Loyalty program includes:

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) - Issuance of CEL Points to your customers (those who joined as Members) who purchase products and services from your company.
  • With the CEL Points, Merchants can have an incentive to attract new business, most importantly build repeat business and cross market to potential new customers
  • With your participation in this loyalty program, your company will be appointed as authorized Merchant center and will benefit with increased traffic, redemption sales and profits.
  • As a Privilege Merchant - You will be able to offer discounts and rebates to promote your products or services to all City Explorer Loyalty Card members.
  • Our Customized Loyalty Solution is a complete real-time solution for you to use as loyalty program or member-based loyalty databases.

  • Benefits of the Merchants:

  • Opportunity to increase your customers' base with loyalty points being awarded which creates an advantage edge & differentiate you from your competitors
  • Data profiling analysis reports on your transactions on a regular basis.
  • Ride on City Explorers' various marketing communication channels to reach out to your potential customers.
  • Stronger synergy, value added proposition, and lower promotional costs via cross networking
  • Higher exposure on your branding via association with City Explorer Loyalty Card program.
  • We will become your external marketing arm which will allow you to concentrate on your core business strategies